June 13, 2024

Speaking of Tesla, known as the champion of the EV industry and the disruptor of the automobile industry, the remarks of current CEO Elon Musk have a presence that impacts all industries.

But what are Tesla’s strengths attracting attention from all over the world? This article introduces Tesla’s business analysis and how it has affected the auto industry.

4 Tesla Motors Car Features that Changed the Auto Industry

Simple design

As you can see from the lineup, the interior is simple even if the car is in the same price range as the existing car makers. Tesla cars don’t have buttons to adjust the air conditioner or open/close doors. This touch screen acts as the main console and can be used as an air conditioner, audio, door opening/closing, and even a speedometer.

The exterior is also a simple design with no wasteful construction. It is probably because Mr. Musk was particular about it, although it was designed with air resistance. Except for the early “Model S,” the grille on the front has been eliminated, making the most of electric vehicles’ strengths.

Abnormal acceleration force

Tesla’s cars are 100% electric-powered and motorized. In fact, the development of electric vehicles has been carried out for a long time, but gasoline-powered vehicles have become widespread due to a lack of technological capabilities. However, all gasoline-powered vehicles have been built with the same driving performance as electric vehicles.

In particular, the acceleration power of electric vehicles is not comparable to that of gasoline vehicles. The new roadster, which is said to be a Tesla sports car, accelerates from 0km/h to 100km/h in 2.1 seconds. This is faster than the car of the ultra-luxury car maker “Bugatti,” which sells cars of 2 million dollars or more and has the world’s highest acceleration power.

Advanced technology

Tesla has adopted an autopilot from the beginning of sales and is equipped with automatic driving level 2 as standard equipment on all models.

Level 2 is when the system automatically performs some operations such as lane change and acceleration/deceleration during driving. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art driver assistance system such as lane keeping, which automatically changes the driving lane of the vehicle just by putting out the turn signal, or automatically follows the vehicle in front and detects the white line on the road.

In addition, Tesla can adjust the temperature of the air conditioner through a smartphone, and it automatically locks when getting in and out of the car, so there is no need to take out the car’s key from your pocket. Also, the doorknob is designed to be closed except when you get in, so it can be said to be a very advanced car.

Luxury feeling

Regarding Tesla car features, we can mention the luxury feelings that come with it. The entire Tesla lineup was announced as a high-model car. The first roadster sold had a selling price of over millions of dollars at that time, and the second sold “Model S” competed with BMW’s “7 Series” and Mercedes-Benz’s “S Class” as luxury sedans.

In addition, Tesla’s only SUV, the Model X, has been adopted, and having a Tesla car is becoming a status. Thus, owners have a special feeling about riding a Tesla.


As of now, when we published these four features of Tesla’s car. Each feature is unique to Tesla and is a strength different from existing manufacturers. This way, the auto industry will look to incorporate these upgrades into their production also, which will cause an improvement in the auto industry.

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