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Cult of the Lamb is an exciting adventure game where players assume the role of a possessed lamb saved from an ominous stranger. It feels obligated to repay this kindness by creating followers in its name. The players should collect items that will aid in building new structures and reinforce their followers’ faith by giving sermons and performing dark rituals to please the goods. The game was developed by Indie developer Massive Monster and published by Devolve Digital.

The player in the game must grow the followers by having crusades across the five regions. The non-believers, who have refused to be part of the cult, are the enemies. To avoid having dissenting followers, the player must ensure that the followers’ needs, such as giving them food, and gifts, reinforcing their faith, providing shelter, cooking for them, and performing rituals, are met. Those followers who try to deviate from the cult should be locked in a prison called a pillory.

The most important thing to note while playing this game is to master your combat skills, such as dodging. Learn how to deploy different skills, as this is key to staying alive. Touching your enemies in Cult of the Lamb cannot harm you unless they are active attacks which can lead to depletion of your HP.

At the start of the game, the players are given weapons to arm themselves. These weapons are hammers, daggers, gauntlets, and swords. Use each weapon well. Some guns are slow, while others are pretty fast. Heavy weapons allow you to give only a single blow, and you must dive into safety before launching another attack.

Ensure that you have a farm at the beginning of the game. This is where you will farm the food to feed your followers. Remember, cooking is your daily task. If you let them get angry, they can turn against you. The farm will also be a promising avenue to forage berries as you wander deep into the wild.

You can build structures anywhere at you start the game. If you need to move to another location on the map, you can click on the ‘edit Building’ option on the ‘Building Sign.’

The players must accomplish all the tasks that they are involved in. This may seem like a lot of work, but the most important of them is to grow your cult. You might have locked some followers in pillory if they became uncontrollable, but you would not want to do this for a long time. Therefore, you should indoctrinate them, befriend them by buying them gifts and feeding them, and then release them so they can join your cult.

Time is essential in Cult of the Lamb. Therefore, ensure that you keep track of time, as some tasks can only be performed once. The day and night cycle is continuous. This applies to the time you can give sermons and the best time to do this is very early in the morning as only a single address is given daily. Doing this also levels your game up.


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