July 14, 2024

Golf is not only a sport but also a social activity that brings people together for a day of fun and friendly competition. To add an extra layer of excitement to your golf outings, many players engage in golf gambling games. These games not only spice up the round but also provide an opportunity to win a little cash or simply enjoy some friendly banter with your fellow golfers. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best golf gambling games that can take your golf experience to the next level.

  1. Nassau: Classic and Versatile

The Nassau is a timeless golf gambling game that adds an element of strategy and competition to your round. It consists of three separate bets: one for the front nine, one for the back nine, and one for the overall 18 holes. Each of these bets is a separate competition, allowing players to recover from a rough start or finish strong even if they struggled early on.

  1. Skins: High Stakes and Excitement

Skins is a popular best golf gambling games that involves betting on each individual hole. Each hole is assigned a monetary value, and the golfer with the lowest score on a hole wins the “skin” for that hole. If two or more players tie for the lowest score, the skin carries over to the next hole. This format keeps the excitement level high, especially as the value of the skins increases with each hole.

  1. Wolf: Strategic Team Play

Wolf is a golf gambling game that involves strategic team play. The players take turns acting as the “Wolf,” who gets to choose a partner for the hole. The other players form a team to challenge the Wolf and their chosen partner. Points are awarded based on the outcome of the hole, and the Wolf must decide whether to go alone against the other three players or choose a partner for assistance.

  1. Bingo, Bango, Bongo: Speed and Fairness

Bingo, Bango, Bongo is a golf gambling game that focuses on speed and fairness. The game is straightforward: points are awarded for being the first to reach the green (Bingo), the closest to the pin once all players are on the green (Bango), and the first to hole out (Bongo). This game keeps all players involved on every hole, promoting a quick pace of play and an equitable distribution of points.

  1. Stableford: Handicap-Friendly Competition

Stableford is an excellent golf gambling game for players with varying skill levels. Instead of counting strokes, players earn points based on their scores relative to par. Each hole has a predetermined point value, and players accumulate points throughout the round. This format allows golfers of different abilities to compete on an equal playing field, making it an ideal choice for groups with diverse skill levels.


Golf gambling games add a new dimension to the traditional golf experience, making it more engaging and entertaining. Whether you prefer the classic Nassau, the high stakes of Skins, the strategic team play in Wolf, the speed and fairness of Bingo, Bango, Bongo, or the handicap-friendly competition of Stableford, there’s a game for every group. So, the next time you hit the links, consider incorporating one of these golf gambling games to elevate your golf outing and create lasting memories with your fellow players.

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